About DisinfoDocket

About DisinfoDocket

It can feel like we are surrounded by information designed to confuse or mislead us. Our modern information environment, flooded as it is, can make it difficult to sort fact from fiction, and truth from lies.

DisinfoDocket curates the latest research, media reporting, events and job opportunities on global influence operations - as well as the community working to counter them - then delivers it straight to your inbox, 3 mornings a week.

Our updates are designed for people who want to stay informed about global influence operations but don’t always have time to scour the world’s news and academic publications. Whether you are an expert or someone looking to be better informed, DisinfoDocket will deliver what you need.

DisinfoDocket is independent and non-partisan. We inform our readers about how the media is reporting on influence operations and our updates therefore reflect a wide range of sources. While we endeavor to ensure our sources are reputable and reliable, inclusion of content is not an endorsement of the views of the author, the veracity of the information or the source.

Promoting the community countering influence operations

One of the core aims of DisinfoDocket is to promote the work of researchers, academics and investigators working to better understand and counter influence operations.

If you have published work, an upcoming event or a job opening you’d like to share, please get in touch via hello@disinfodocket.com - if it is relevant and reputable, we will be delighted to share it with the community in one of our emails and on our Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

Why charge a subscription?

For DisinfoDocket to be viable, it needs to cover its costs. We aim to provide a valuable service to researchers, investigators, journalists and anyone interested in global influence operations. Providing this service involves  infrastructure and subscription costs as well as our time.

Details of subscription costs can be found here, but we know that this will be something not everyone will have the funds for. If you are a student, or have a low or unreliable income, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss an exemption. Above all, DisinfoDocket exists to support the community and subscription is not intended to be a barrier to access. We promise to do our best to ensure that anyone who needs access for their work or study, and does not have the funds to subscribe, can still have access.

Subscription is an effort to make the newsletter self-sustainable, so please do consider paying to subscribe if you have the means to do so.

Can I trust you with my email address/ personal information?

We will only use your email address to send you the newsletters that you have signed up to receive. We will not share or sell your information to third parties. Trust is very important to us and we will always do our best to earn and maintain the trust of our subscribers.  

Payments and refunds are handled securely through Stripe.


‘Useful summary of niche stories; only convenient source for relevant events’
‘Directly supports my work in countering disinformation and building societal resilience.’
‘Very thorough coverage of many topics in this field’
‘A comprehensive collection; a one-stop for relevant info’
‘Keeps me abreast of both the latest research and the way it is being perceived in the media, as well as on The Hill’
‘I think of myself as a pretty avid reader and curator of information, but I would be lost without this resource.’
‘I wanted to first of all thank you so much for sending these! It's THE best brief of Big Tech and disinfo issues I've ever found in several years of looking.’

Seed funding from the DISARM Foundation has supported DisinfoDocket's hosting and media subscription costs. Alliance4Europe is a supporter of the DISARM Foundation.

DisinfoDocket is wholly and solely responsible for its editorial content.