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DisinfoDocket 10 October

DisinfoDocket 10 October
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1. Platforms & Technology

  1. How social media ‘censorship’ became a front line in the culture war (Washington Post, 9 October)
  2. Trump’s Big Social Media Deal Could Soon Collapse. So What Went Wrong? (Mother Jones, 8 October)
  3. Signal is testing Instagram-like Stories feature (Mashable, 9 October)
  4. Meta warns 1 million Facebook users their login info may have been compromised (Washington Post, 7 October)
  5. Twitter really doesn't want you to screenshot tweets (Mashable, 9 October)
  6. Kanye West’s Instagram and Twitter accounts locked over antisemitic posts (Guardian, 9 October)
  7. PayPal won’t fine users for misinformation posts, policy posted “in error” (Axios, 9 October)

2. Russia & Ukraine

  1. How Russia Is Spreading Propaganda About Ukrainian Refugees in Europe (Vice, 7 October)
  2. The war in Ukraine launches a new battle for the soul (New Yorker, 9 October)

3. Asia & Australasia

  1. Confucius Institutes in universities ‘part of Party’s propaganda system’, think tank finds (Telegraph, 8 October)
  2. Taiwan’s citizen warriors prepare to confront looming threat from China (Guardian, 9 October)
  3. Chinese state-sponsored hackers have become more brazen, prompting an NSA advisory (CyberScoop, 6 October)
  4. Disinformation in Solomon Islands (Policy, Guns & Money, The ASPI Podcast, 7 October)
  5. India is weaning itself off Russia and countering China (Financial Review, 9 October)
  6. Beijing to renew push to skew vote: official (Taipei Times, 10 October)

4. Middle East & Africa

  1. A group of activists hacked Iranian state TV with the image of the supreme leader in flames (Zyri, 9 October)

5. Elections & Democracy

  1. TikTok Politics and the Era of Embodied Memes (The Atlantic, 4 October)
  2. Eight trends from election denialists to watch in the US midterm elections (ISD, October)

6. Tools, Legislation & Countermeasures

  1. India’s Tech Regulation Onslaught Poses Dilemma for U.S. Companies (WSJ, 4 October)
  2. Turkey's 'disinformation' bill to have pre-election 'chilling effect,' Europe watchdog says (Reuters, 9 October)
  3. Toward Greater Content Moderation Transparency Reporting (Lawfare, 6 October)
  4. Memo98 ‘Russia in Media Focus’ short YouTube videos, focusing on events in Russia and the war in Ukraine (in Russian with English subtitles) (Memo 98)

7. Extremism, Violence & Harassment

  1. Somalia orders media not to publish al-Shabab ‘propaganda’ (Al Jazeera, 8 October)
  2. Girls don’t want to be leaders. No wonder, when you see the violent abuse they could face (Guardian, 9 October)