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DisinfoDocket 12 June

DisinfoDocket curates influence operations-related academic research, news, events and job opportunities.
DisinfoDocket 12 June
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  1. What the chaos at Twitter means for the future of social movements (CNN, 11 June)
  2. ’Conspiracy theories have become normalised in the UK’, says BBC disinformation correspondent Marianna Spring (iNews, 9 June)

1. Platforms & Technology

  1. ‘Fundamentally dangerous’: reversal of social media guardrails could prove disastrous for 2024 elections (Guardian, 10 June)
  2. What languages dominate the internet? (Rest of World, 7 June)
  3. Reddit CEO Says Keeping Explicit Content on the Site Is a ‘Constant Fight’ (Vice, 9 June)
  4. Signal’s Meredith Whittaker: ‘These are the people who could actually pause AI if they wanted to’ (Guardian, 11 June)
  5. From “Heavy Purchasers” of Pregnancy Tests to the Depression-Prone: We Found 650,000 Ways Advertisers Label You (The Markup, 8 June)


  1. Meta to appeal court ruling declaring content moderators as its employees (TechCrunch, 9 June)
  2. Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen warns of algorithmic dangers (Washington Post, 8 June)
  3. The Meta whistleblower: ‘Fix social media or millions will die’ (Times, 11 June)
  4. Facebook owner Meta plans to create Twitter rival (BBC, 10 June)
  5. Oversight Board announces “United States posts discussing abortion” cases (Oversight Board, June)
  6. Mark Zuckerberg: AI will be built into all of Meta’s products (AI News, 9 June)
  7. What we know so far about Instagram's Twitter rival (Mashable, 9 June)


  1. Musk Promised Transparency, Then Hid Twitter Data (Washington Post, 9 June)
  2. Elon Musk Says Twitter Is Going To Get Rid Of The Block Feature, Enabling Greater Harassment (TechDirt, 9 June)
  3. Twitter is a troll’s playground — and Elon Musk wants to make life even easier for them (Independent, 10 June)
  4. Twitter is refusing to pay its Google Cloud bills, Platformer reports (Reuters, 11 June)
  5. Twitter to pay verified creators for ads in replies, Musk says (Reuters, 10 June)
  6. Musk on path to turn Twitter into the next MySpace or Yahoo, co-founder suggests (Ars Technica, 9 June)

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