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DisinfoDocket 16 January

DisinfoDocket curates influence operations-related academic research, news, events and job opportunities.
DisinfoDocket 16 January
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Good morning! News from around the world this morning includes:
* Katie Harbath of Anchor Change launches her Election Cycle Tracker 2023-2029
* Warnings that China's propaganda campaigns are becoming increasingly sophisticated
* How to use science to guide social media regulation


  1. Anchor Change Election Cycle Tracker 2023 - 2029 (Anchor Change)

1. Brazil

  1. Election Disinformation and the Violence in Brazil (Tech Policy Press, 14 January)
  2. Chinese social media app Kwai played a role in Brazil riot (Semafor, 11 January)
  3. The Attack on Brazil's Democracy Is Not Over (Time, 13 January)
  4. Brazil rioters plotted openly online, pitched huge ‘party’ (AP, 12 January)
  5. The Guardian view on Brazil and the Bolsonaristas: it’s not over yet (Guardian, 15 January)

2. Platforms & Technology

  1. Transnational digital and media tactics (CITAP, 13 January)
  2. Twitter and Facebook Aren’t Threatening Free Speech (Bloomberg, 14 January)
  3. Reviewing the Evidence on Social Media and Social Cohesion (Tech Policy Press, 12 January)
  4. Move slowly and fix things: A better way to combat social media posts that incite violence (The Hill, 11 January)
  5. Far-Right Superstars Are Failing on Rumble. Who’s Winning?: The outsider streaming site that just partnered up with Donald Trump Jr. is growing — but not in the way most people think  (Rolling Stone, 15 January)


  1. Musk’s Twitter Intentionally Suspended Tweetbot, Third-Party Apps, Messages Show (The Information, 14 January)
  2. Hate speech rises on Twitter in its largest markets after Musk takeover (Washington Post, 14 January)
  3. Deconstructing ‘The Twitter Files’ (Tech Crunch, 13 January)
  4. Twitter begins to axe remaining Australian staff (Sydney Morning Herald, 11 January)


  1. The Dangers of Letting Donald Trump Back on Facebook (Time, 13 January)
  2. Leading the Fight Against Scraping-for-Hire (Meta, 12 January)
  3. Meta sues ‘surveillance service’ for creating fake accounts and scraping user data (The Record, 13 January)


  1. What TikTok Has on You: The social media app’s data collection practices are not unlike its competitors’, but its links to China add a sinister layer to the debate. (Foreign Policy, 12 January)

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