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DisinfoDocket 26 April

DisinfoDocket curates influence operations-related academic research, news, events and job opportunities.
DisinfoDocket 26 April
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  1. How to Manage Brand Reputation in Light of AI-Fueled Misinformation  (PR News Online, 5 April)
  2. Integrity Institute Supports UK’s Ofcom as it Develops Online Safety Codes of Practice (Integrity Institute, 24 April)
  3. Fake or fact: how to recognise a conspiracy theory (Guardian, 24 April)
  4. Europe names 19 platforms that must report algorithmic risks under DSA (TechCrunch, 25 April)

1. Platforms & Technology

LISTEN: Elon Musk JD Program False Advertising Unit (Moderated Content, 24 April)
  1. AI Spam Is Already Flooding the Internet and It Has an Obvious Tell (Vice, 24 April)
  2. WhatsApp adds option to use the same account on multiple phones  (The Verge, 25 April)
  3. Twitter, YouTube, Instagram Among Sites to Face New EU Rules (Bloomberg, 25 April)
  4. Jack Dorsey-Backed Bluesky Attracts More Users as Twitter Falters (Bloomberg, 25 April)
  5. Australian researchers plant false memories in chatbots (IT News, 20 April)
  6. Quad countries to bolster cyber defense with information-sharing: Australia, India, Japan and U.S. aim for agreement by May summit (Nikkei Asia, 25 April)


  1. Nearly 25,000 Twitter users pay to subscribe to Elon Musk's exclusive tweets (Mashable, 24 April)

Account Labelling & Verification

  1. Far-right Britain First party given Twitter gold tick (Guardian, 24 April)
  2. Twitter users are now wondering if mandatory blue checks are illegal: Nobody actually knows the answer, but it’s probably not worth filing a lawsuit over. (Verge, 24 April)
  3. Twitter verified a fake Disney account created by a troll (Mashable, 24 April)
  4. Elon Musk says verified Twitter accounts are now prioritized, whatever that means (Mashable, 25 April)
  5. Twitter blue ticks: 5 ways to spot misinformation without verified accounts (The Converstion, 25 April)

Content Moderation

  1. Russian, Chinese propaganda surging on Twitter amid platform changes (CBC, 24 April)
  2. Twitter changes stoke Russian, Chinese disinformation (PBS, 24 April)
  3. Twitter changes boost autocrats’ digital disinformation (NED, 25 April)


  1. Inside Meta’s scramble to catch up on AI (Rappler, 25 April)
  2. Terrorists Using Local Language To Spread Propaganda On Facebook (HumAngle, 17 April)


  1. Forget a U.S. ban — TikTok is thriving in its second-biggest market: TikTok Shop, the controversial app’s ambitious next phase, has caught fire in Indonesia. “This is truly the year of TikTok,” says one seller. (Rest of World, 25 April)

TikTok bans

  1. Nearly Half of U.S. Voters Would Ban TikTok, Particularly Those Who Have Never Used It (WSJ, 24 April)

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