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DisinfoDocket- 29 March

DisinfoDocket curates influence operations-related academic research, news, events and job opportunities.
DisinfoDocket- 29 March
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* Australian government puts social media giants on notice over misinformation and hate speech during voice referendum
* Online trolls are taking a toll in China
* China and Russia’s propaganda in Africa


  1. Gendered Disinformation: Tactics, Themes, and Trends by Foreign Malign Actors (US Department of State, 27 March)
  2. Fighting misinformation and cyberbullying in middle school (UNESCO, 28 March)
  3. How Open Source Evidence was Upheld in a Human Rights Court (Bellingcat, 28 March)
  4. Meta, Google defend Brazilian law on responsibility for internet content (Reuters, 28 March)

1. Platforms & Technology


  1. Leaked code, blocked journalists, and billions gone: It’s just another few days in late Twitter (Nieman Lab, 27 March)
  2. Twitter lost 46pc of its Australian ad dollars after Musk’s takeover (Financial Review, 28 March)
  3. Twitter will soon only recommend paid users in its For You feed (Engadget, 28 March)
  4. Twitter takes legal action after source code leaked online (Guardian, 27 March)
  5. Twitter is dying (TechCrunch, 28 March)
  6. The secret list of Twitter VIPs getting boosted over everyone else (Platformer, 28 March)


  1. Facebook owner Meta planning lower bonus payouts for some employees (Reuters, 28 March)
  2. Meta slammed over scam ads on Facebook featuring Australian TV personalities (Guardian, 27 March)
  3. Meta uses unacceptable blackmail threat to oppose Canadian bill C-18 (RSF, 28 March)
  4. How and when Facebook decides to break its own moderation rules: An Oversight Board case from Sri Lanka shows the power of Facebook’s “spirit of the policy” exception. (Rest of World, 27 March)


  1. Mexico will not prohibit Chinese-owned TikTok app, says president (Reuters, 27 March)
  2. Polish council recommends banning TikTok on public administration phones - media (Reuters, 27 March)
  3. Swedish Military Bans Chinese-Owned TikTok on Work Phones (Defense Post, 28 March)
  4. Norwegian company says TikTok data centre is limiting energy for manufacturing Ukraine ammunition (Guardian, 28 March)
  5. US moves forward plan to ban TikTok as AOC joins protests supporting app (Guardian, 27 March)
  6. Republican lawmaker calls TikTok 'an immediate threat' and calls for app to be banned (CNN, 27 March)
  7. Japan lawmakers eye ban on TikTok, others if used improperly (Reuters, 27 March)
  8. Why TikTok users are making thirst trap memes after CEO Shou Zi Chew's congressional hearing (ABC, 28 March)
  9. Congress had a lot to say about TikTok. Much of it was wrong. (Washington Post, 28 March)
  10. TikTok represents 'strategic' challenge, says top US cyber official (Reuters, 28 March)

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