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DisinfoDocket 3 May

DisinfoDocket curates influence operations-related academic research, news, events and job opportunities.
DisinfoDocket 3 May
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Good morning! Don't miss -
* Google clashes with Brazil over disinformation law
* Climate disinformation ads proliferate on YouTube
* How Moscow is preparing propaganda messaging ahead of anticipated Ukrainian offensive. 


  1. How Social Media Incentives Helped Drive the Discord Leaks (Tech Policy Press, 1 May)
  2. Inauthentic activity and Twitter Blue verification: When "verification" boils down to "someone has a phone and paid $8", it's not surprising that spam and fake accounts slip through the cracks (Conspirator Norteńo, 1 May)
LISTEN: Ghouling: The trolls targeting bereaved people (BBC, 29 April)

1. Academia & Research

  1. After Musk’s takeover, big shifts in how Republican and Democratic Twitter users view the platform (Pew, 1 May)

2. Platforms & Technology

  1. AI-enabled disinformation: Waging an unviable war of scale (Rappler, 1 May)
  2. Undercover in the metaverse: Human moderators in the metaverse are proving essential to digital safety (MIT, 1 May)
  3. Top scientist quits Google, issues AI warning: ‘Bad actors’ could use it ‘for bad things’ (The Hill, 1 May)
  4. AI Chatbots Have Been Used to Create Dozens of News Content Farms (Bloomberg, 1 May)
  5. Tech industry allowing 'deluge' of misinformation (France 24, 3 May)
  6. Google, Microsoft CEOs called to AI meeting at White House  (Reuters, 2 May)


  1. Bluesky's big moment: A new Twitter clone is surging in popularity. Could it have legs? (Platformer, 2 May)


  1. Companies wary as Twitter checkmark policy fuels imposter accounts (Reuters, 2 May)


  1. TikTok Parent ByteDance’s ‘Sensitive Words’ Tool Monitors Discussion Of China, Trump, Uyghurs (Forbes, 1 May)
  2. TikTok’s head of US trust and safety is leaving: He was a key leader for the separate entity TikTok recently created to try and avoid a US ban. (The Verge, 2 May)

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