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DisinfoDocket 5 June

DisinfoDocket curates influence operations-related academic research, news, events and job opportunities.
DisinfoDocket 5 June
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* Cost of access to Twitter API forces BlockParty App to close
* YouTube changes its policy to allow US election misinformation
* How to challenge disinformation around elections


  1. The Chatter Podcast: Information Ecology with Alicia Wanless (Lawfare, 2 June)
  2. Strengthened Code of Practice on Disinformation: Signatories to identify ways to step up work one year after launch (European Commission, 2 June)
  3. She Built an App to Block Harassment on Twitter. Elon Musk Killed It (Time, 2 June)
  4. The European Union and US Government announce they have adopted the DISARM framework, STIX standard and OpenCTI platform as a common standard for exchanging structured threat information (EEAS)
  5. An update on our approach to US election misinformation (YouTube, 2 June)
YouTube scraps 2020 US election misinformation policy (France24, 3 June)
YouTube reverses misinformation policy to allow U.S. election denialism (AXIOS, 2 June)

1. Platforms & Technology

  1. Twitter and Reddit's high-priced APIs are bad news for the internet's future (Mashable, 3 June)
  2. What will stop AI from flooding the internet with fake images? (Vox, 3 June)
  3. Majority of EU countries against network fee levy on Big Tech, sources say (Reuters, 3 June)
  4. ChatGPT Is Cutting Non-English Languages Out of the AI Revolution (Wired, 31 May)


  1. Meta found liable as court blocks firing of moderators (TechCrunch, 2 June)
  2. Meta will test blocking news for some Canadians ahead of new law (The Verge, 2 January)
  3. Meta Tries to Silence a Critic: Us; Suspends RFOB Instagram Account After Critical Post on Meta’s Threats to Freedom of Press in Canada (Real Facebook Oversight Board, 3 June)
  4. Meta threatens to remove news from Instagram and Facebook over proposed California law (Nieman Lab, 31 May)
  5. Instagram reinstates Robert Kennedy Jr. after launch of presidential bid (Washington Post, 4 June)
  6. Facebook won't tackle fake news robots or make the site safer because they're afraid of losing users even for just one minute in a day, writes whistleblower Frances Haugen (Mail, 4 June)

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