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DisinfoDocket 7 June

DisinfoDocket curates influence operations-related academic research, news, events and job opportunities.
DisinfoDocket 7 June
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* Twitter leaves the EU Code of Practice on Disinformation and fails to remove known CSAM
* Why journalists should use precise language to counter disinformation
* As Russia says it thwarted major Ukrainian offensive, Kyiv says Moscow spreads lies 


  1. DISARM Countermeasures Workshop Series — How can the media communicate responsibly about disinformation campaigns? (DISARM, 1 June)
  2. Shockwavelike Behavior across Social Media (APS, 5 June)
  3. Suspicion Machines: Unprecedented experiment on welfare surveillance algorithm reveals discrimination (Lighthouse Reports, 6 March

1. Academia & Research

  1. A New Science for Describing Unhealthy Online Environments (APS, 5 June)
  2. Social media 'trust' or 'distrust' buttons could reduce spread of misinformation (Phys, 6 June)
  3. The State of Public Trust in Government 2023 (Our Public Service, 30 May)
  4. The Dialogue Around Digital Security Must Account for Gendered Risks (CIGI, 31 May)
  5. What we get wrong when we claim that misinformation is a ‘virus’ (Washington Post, 5 June)

2. Platforms & Technology

  1. Big Tech rolls back misinformation measures ahead of 2024 (Axios, 6 June)
YouTube 'reckless' to stop policing false claims on election fraud -Biden campaign (Reuters, 7 June)
Possible Reasons Why YouTube Has Given Up Trying To Police 2020 Election Misinfo (TechDirt, 6 June)
The platforms give up on 2020 lies: For a time, they fought the good fight — but not any more (Platformer, 7 June)

Artificial Intelligence

  1. Signal president: Empower users, workers to tackle AI threats (Context, 5 June)
  2. Six months in, ChatGPT still mesmerizes and dismays (AXIOS, 5 June)
  3. Europe calls for tech companies to fight disinformation by labeling AI-generated content (PBS, 5 June)
  4. Errors From ChatGPT: Hallucinated Whoppers Rather Than Pedantic Subtleties (Lawfare, 31 May)
  5. Shock and Awe: How AI is Sidestepping Regulation (Exploring Digital Diplomacy, 6 June)


  1. Bluesky, championed by Jack Dorsey, was supposed to be Twitter 2.0. Can it succeed? (Independent, 6 June)


  1. Facebook Receipts Project Exposes The Company’s Efforts To Influence Government And Define Regulation (Forbes, 6 June)
  2. Instagram Bans, Unbans Facebook Critic, and It Won’t Say Why (Gizmodo, 5 June)


  1. Ex-ByteDance Employee: Chinese Communist Party Accessed TikTok Data Of Hong Kong Protesters (Forbes, 5 June)
  2. TikTok greatly influenced Finland’s latest elections: survey (Euractiv, 6 June)
  3. TikTok has a political influencer problem targeted at Gen Z voters (The Hill, 6 June)

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