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DisinfoDocket 8 May

DisinfoDocket curates influence operations-related academic research, news, events and job opportunities.
DisinfoDocket 8 May
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* Bluesky tries a new answer to the social network question
* How journalists are living through the conflict in Sudan
* Tucker Carlson 'preparing for war' against Fox News


  1. An information strategy for the United States (Brookings, 5 May)
  2. TikTok spied on me. Why? (Financial Times, 5 May)
  3. As 2024 elections near, US media grapples with how to cover Trump (The Guardian, 7 May)
  4. New Twitter rules expose election offices to spoof accounts (ABC, 6 May)
  5. Scoop: Tucker Carlson ready to torch Fox News (Axios, 7 May)
  6. He wrote a book on a rare subject. Then a ChatGPT Replica appeared on Amazon (The Washington Post, 5 May)
  7. Anti-monarchists criticise arrests at King Charles' coronation (Reuters, 7 May)
  8. Denmark warns of Russian spies posing as ‘journalists or business people’ (The Record by Recorded Future, 5 May)

1. Platforms & Technology

  1. Researcher Meredith Whittaker says AI’s biggest risk isn’t ‘consciousness’—it’s the corporations that control them (Fast Company, 5 May)
  2. President Biden meets with AI CEOs at the White House amid ethical criticism (Ars Technica, 5 May)
  3. Man v machine: everything you need to know about AI (Guardian, 6 May)
  4. How hackers are recruiting on the dark web (Times, 7 May)
  5. U.S. Think Tank Reports Prompted Beijing to Put a Lid on Chinese Data (The Wall Street Journal, 8 May)
  6. Chinese leader Xi Jinping urges country to seize opportunities in artificial intelligence to modernise industry (South China Morning Post, 6 May)
  7. Senator asks big banks how they're going to stop AI cloned voices from breaking into accounts (VICE, 4 May)
  8. Are AI chatbots in courts putting justice at risk? (Context, 4 May)


  1. Bluesky says no ‘heads of state’ allowed on its Twitter-like platform for now (Fortune, 6 May)
  2. What is going on with Twitter and should I move to Bluesky instead? (New Scientist, 7 May)
  3. Bluesky tries a new answer to the social network question (Financial Times, 8 May)
  4. Is Bluesky the Next Twitter? Here's Everything to Know About This New Social Media Platform (CNET, 6 May)

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