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Docket+ 17 June

Docket+ is a weekly roundup of the latest influence operations-related academic research, events and job opportunities.
Docket+ 17 June
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Hi! I'm Victoria and welcome to DisinfoDocket. Docket+ is a weekly roundup of the latest influence operations-related academic research, events and job opportunities.

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  1. Self-certification: A novel method for increasing sharing discernment on social media (Plos One, 11 June)
  2. Bridging the divide: Translating research on digital media into policy and practice (Knight Foundation, June)
  3. LISTEN: Invisible Rulers: The People Who Turn Lies into Reality. A conversation with Renee DiResta about her new book on how power and influence have changed in the age of the internet (Anchor Change, 13 June)
  4. “Frame, Fame and Fear Traps: The Dialectic of Counter-Terrorism Strategic Communication” (T&F, 11 June)

1. Academia & Research

1.1 Platforms & Technology

  1. Platform frictions, platform power, and the politics of platformization (T&F, 13 June)

Availability and spread of information

  1. How big five personality traits influence information sharing on social media: A meta analysis (Plos One, 12 June)

1.2 World News 

  1. Reviewing New Science on Social Media, Misinformation, and Partisan Assortment (Tech Policy Press, 9 June)
  2. Resistance to authoritarianism: Lessons learned from Brazilian civil society (Igarape, 7 June)
  3. An Illusory Consensus Effect: The Mere Repetition of Information Increases Estimates that Others Would Believe or Already Know It (OSF, 12 June)
  4. Disinformation, influence, and hybrid threats: thoughts from Singapore (Oxford Academic, 12 June)

Russia & Ukraine

  1. Russian Attacks on Europe Double in Lead up to Elections, Olympics (Lawfare, 7 June)
  2. In Sub-Saharan Africa, China embraces Russian messaging against Ukraine (DFRLab, 12 June)
  3. Another battlefield: Telegram as a digital front in Russia’s war against Ukraine (DFRLab, 10 June)
  4. Elections are battlefields for the Kremlin: dismiss and drive wedges (EUvsDisinfo, 11 June)
  5. Wars of ‘the West’, Kumbaya of the Kremlin (EUvsDisinfo, 13 June)
  6. The Consequences of Evidence- Versus Non-Evidence-Based Understandings of the “Truth”: How Russian Speakers in Germany Negotiate Trust in Their Transnational News Environments (SAGE, 12 June)

Israel & Palestine

  1. Online tool helps social media accounts amplify pro-Israel messages (DFRLab, 11 June)

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