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Docket+ 3 July

Docket+ is a weekly roundup of the latest influence operations-related academic research, events and job opportunities.
Docket+ 3 July
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Hi! I'm Victoria and welcome to DisinfoDocket. Docket+ is a weekly roundup of the latest influence operations-related academic research, events and job opportunities.

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  1. Understanding and combatting misinformation across 16 countries on six continents (Nature, 29 June)
  2. Shouting into the Void: Why Reporting Abuse to Social Media Platforms Is So Hard and How to Fix It (PEN, 29 June)
  3. Unpacking the Power of Propaganda: The Factors in Shaping Overseas Chinese Communities’ Attitudes Towards Pro-CCP Narratives (DoubleThink Lab, 20 June)
  4. Combating disinformation: Europe is not defenceless (Euractiv, 30 June)

1. Academia & Research

1.1 Platforms & Technology

  1. Approaching The Infopocalypse: The digital media ecosystem disempowers the public  sphere. (Noema, 23 June)
  2. Funding the Next Generation of Content Farms: Some of the World’s Largest Blue Chip Brands Unintentionally Support the Spread of Unreliable AI-Generated News Websites (News Guard, June)
  3. Navigating the empty shell: the role of articulation work in platform structures (Oxford Academic, 29 June)
  4. Platforms and Exposure Diversity: Towards a Framework to Assess Policies to Promote Exposure Diversity (Cogitatio, 28 June)
  5. Temporal Analysis of Misinformation on Parler (ArXiv, 24 June)

Governance, Regulation & Content Moderation

  1. The Fact of Content Moderation; Or, Let’s Not Solve the Platforms’ Problems for Them (Cogitatio, 28 June)

Information Spread

  1. People think that social media platforms do (but should not) amplify divisive content (PsyArXiv, 29 June)
  2. Self-Certification: A novel method for increasing sharing discernment on social media (PsyArXiv, 30 June)
  3. Methods to scale deliberative decision-making to billions of simultaneous people (PsyArXiv, 26 June)

1.2 World News

  1. Countering China’s Information Manipulation in the Indo-Pacific and Kazakhstan (IRI, 27 June)
  2. Do Democrats and Republicans Live in Different Worlds? (Media Engagement, 27 June)
  3. #BlackLivesMatter Turns 10: Social media, online activism and 10 years of #BlackLivesMatter (Pew, 29 June)
  4. Understanding and Combating Misinformation Across 16 Countries on Six Continents (PsyArXiv, 30 June)
  5. Facts and their Discontents: A Research Agenda for Online Disinformation, Race, and Gender (OSF, 26 June)
  6. Google News Initiative’s Influence on Technological Media Innovation in Africa and the Middle East (Cogitatio, 28 June)

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