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DisinfoDocket 10 July

DisinfoDocket curates influence operations-related academic research, news, events and job opportunities.
DisinfoDocket 10 July
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  1. Researchers suggest risk-centered framework for regulating social media platforms (Harvard University, 10 July)
  2. Social media injunction unravels plans to protect 2024 elections (Washington Post, 8 July)
  3. Twitter Blue accounts fuel Ukraine War misinformation (BBC, 9 July)
  4. court-sanctioned intimidation: on the preliminary injunction in the missouri v. biden case (wiczipedia, 8 July)

1. Academia & Research

  1. Disinfo ≠ censorship: Plus more on platform policy rollbacks, rebuilding the American dream in higher education, and the Civic Info Handbook (CITAP, 7 July)

2. Platforms & Technology

  1. 'Post-Twitter' decentralized social media struggles for way forward (Nikkei Asia, 1 July)
  2. Platforms run away from politics and news: They can run, but they can’t hide (AnchorChange, 9 July)
  3. Internal Emails Show FBI Freaking Out About Deepfakes (Vice, 7 July)
  4. Download. Scroll. Post. Repeat. New social media apps are exhausting us. (Washington Post, 7 July)
  5. ‘Contempt’: WeChat warned over failure to front parliament (Sydney Morning Herald, 10 July)


  1. Threads backtracks flagging right-wing users for spreading disinformation (Mashable, 7 July)
  2. Popular users known for spreading hate and misinformation flock to Threads, testing its ‘positive’ vibe (SCMP, 8 July)
  3. Meta's 'friendly' Threads collides with unfriendly internet (Reuters, 7 July)
  4. Threads Won’t Promote Political Or Hard News Content — A Contrast From Twitter (Forbes, 7 July)
  5. How to Find Your Twitter Friends on Threads (Wired, 8 July)
  6. Could Meta’s Threads deal a knockout blow to Twitter? (Guardian, 7 July)
  7. Zuckerberg’s ‘Twitter killer’ Threads hits 70m sign-ups in two days (Guardian, 7 July)
  8. Threads, Twitter and the misery of addiction (Spectator, 8 July)
  9. How Threads’ Privacy Policy Compares to Twitter’s (and Its Rivals’) (Wired, 6 July)
  10. Rightwing figures sign up for Meta’s Threads app ‘within 24 hours’ of release (Guardian, 9 July)

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