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DisinfoDocket 26 June

DisinfoDocket curates influence operations-related academic research, news, events and job opportunities.
DisinfoDocket 26 June
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Good morning! Below the paywall this morning -
* Russia’s Security Forces Learn Bitter Lessons From Putin’s Maneuvering
* A.I.’s Use in Elections Sets Off a Scramble for Guardrails
* How scammers use psychology to create some of the most convincing internet cons – and what to watch out for


  1. Putin’s Death Knell (Center for European Policy Analysis, 25 June)
  2. Online misinformation runs rampant during coup attempt in Russia - Modern social media is still unprepared for global breaking news events (Mashable, 25 June)
  3. Two Georgia election workers cleared of wrongdoing in 2020 elections (The Guardian, 23 June)
  4. What makes a bad argument? (Tangle, 23 June)
  5. RFK Jr. divides social media platforms with vaccine misinformation (NBC, 23 June)
LISTEN - What the hell was that? Vladislav Davidzon and Ariel Cohen join the Cosmopolicast podcast for some good old-fashioned Kremlinology (The Cosmopolitan Globalist, 24 June)

1. Platforms & Technology

  1. Millions of dollars in fines to punish online misinformation under new draft bill (ABC, 25 June)
  2. News Erased by Google and Facebook? They Vow to Do It (The Tyee, 23 June)
  3. Organization founded to create guidelines for use of AI image generators (The Japan Times, 22 June)
  4. OpenAI’s CEO Goes on a Diplomatic Charm Offensive (Foreign Policy, 20 June)
  5. Use ChatGPT at work? Just 7% do in Japan, vs. half in U.S.: survey (Nikkei Asia, 22 June)


  1. Twitter agrees to comply with tough EU disinformation laws (The Guardian, 23 June)
  2. EU warns Twitter to beef up content moderation as new rules loom (Euractiv, 23 June)
  3. Canada Forces Google and Facebook to Pay News Outlets for Linking to Articles (The New York Times, 23 June)
  4. Twitter Resumes Paying Google Cloud, Patches Up Relationship (Bloomberg, 21 June)


  1. Senators write to META CEOs to express "serious concerns" about the lay-offs of employees dedicated to countering election-related disinformation  (United States Senate, 20 June)
  2. Labor’s attempt to enlist Meta to fight climate activists needs scrutiny – it’s all too likely to succeed (The Guardian, 23 June)
  3. Malaysia says it will take legal action against Meta over harmful content on Facebook (AP News, 23 June)
  4. Meta's Oversight Board asks Facebook owner to evaluate election integrity efforts (Reuters, 22 June)
  5. FTC Meta probe reveals tensions over agency role in regulating kids’ data (The Record by Recorded Future, 22 June)


  1. TikTok turns to south-east Asia to drive new growth (Financial Times, 25 June)
  2. TikTok Keeps Removing Abortion Pill Content (WIRED, 24 June)
  3. GOP lawmakers fear Biden may be preparing to allow TikTok to continue operating in U.S. (The Washington Post, 23 June)

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