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DisinfoDocket 27 February

DisinfoDocket curates influence operations-related academic research, news, events and job opportunities.
DisinfoDocket 27 February
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Hi! I'm Victoria and welcome to DisinfoDocket. DisinfoDocket curates influence operations-related academic research, news, events and job opportunities.  

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* Meta’s latest Adversarial Threat Report
* US Treasury Department sanctions Russian disinformation operators
* Malaysia's Ministry of Communications and Digital to focus on addressing misinformation on social media


LISTEN: Tech Talk: Post-Election Audits, Disinformation, “Rumoring” and more — Talking Tech w/ Kate Starbird, Will Adler, Aliya Bhatia (Center for Democracy & Technology, 24 February)
  1. Section 230 Is a Load-Bearing Wall—Is It Coming Down? (The Markup, 25 February)

1. Platforms & Technology

LISTEN: Supreme Court considers whether internet platforms should be held liable for content (WBUR, 21 February)
  1. Extreme and violent anti-LGBTQ+ hate approved for publication by leading social media platforms (Global Witness, 23 February)
  2. Ireland: Govt in contact with social networks over online misinformation (RTE, 24 February)
  3. Gmail creates online fundraising “apocalypse”: Campaigns and consultants are furious after the company ended a special anti-spam filter program for political email with little notice (FWIW, 24 February)
  4. Twitter, Facebook: Pourquoi les abonnements payants pourraient devenir un casse-tête électoral (BFM TV, 21 February)
  5. The right’s new culture-war target: ‘Woke AI’ (Washington Post, 24 February)
  6. How women in tech are transforming social impact (Forbes, 21 February)
  7. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram once had a decent tool to fight misinformation. It’s gone: Blue checks have changed from a trust-building tool to a new battleground for culture wars. (MSNBC, 24 February)
  8. The illusion of ChatGPT (Untangled, 26 February)
  9. Ernie, what is censorship? China’s chatbots face additional challenges. (Washington Post, 24 February)
  10. Signal would 'walk' from UK if Online Safety Bill undermined encryption (BBC, 25 February)
  11. Biden finds breaking up Big Tech is hard to do: Google is hiring teams of former DOJ lawyers to fight antitrust lawsuits as the battle over tech firms’ power shifts to the courts (Washington Post, 26 February)

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