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DisinfoDocket - 6 March

DisinfoDocket curates influence operations-related academic research, news, events and job opportunities.
DisinfoDocket - 6 March
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Hi! I'm Victoria and welcome to DisinfoDocket. DisinfoDocket curates influence operations-related academic research, news, events and job opportunities.  

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Good morning! Don't miss -
* How Ukraine is beating Russia’s disinformation campaigns
* Is ChatGPT a disaster for truth in journalism?
* Google releases their civil rights review
* TikTok bans continue and should researchers use their API? 


  1. On Wednesday, Matt Taibbi released the most recent installment of his “Twitter Files” in which he names the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab. We wish to correct some of the points he makes, which are wrong, misinterpret events, or do not incorporate our responses made in good faith. (DFRLab, 3 March)
  2. One Year Later, Lessons from Ukraine in Fighting Disinformation (Just Security, 21 February)
  3. Nigerian 2023 Elections: Online Narratives & Election Violence (Logically)

1. Platforms & Technology

  1. Facebook and Google are handing over user data to help police prosecute abortion seekers (Business Insider, 5 March)
  2. Will the FEC finally rein in political influencers on social media? (The Hill, 2 March)
  3. Civil rights audit at Google proposes better tackling of hate speech, disinformation (Rappler, 5 March)
  4. Google releases civil rights review, caving to years of pressure (Washington Post, 3 March)
  5. The End of the Golden Age of Tech Accountability (Klonicles, 3 March)
  6. The inside story of how ChatGPT was built from the people who made it (MIT Technology Review, 3 March)
  7. Snapchat kicks few children off app in Britain, data given to regulator shows (Reuters, 6 March)


  1. Twitter discloses another possible government censorship effort (The Hill, 4 March)
  2. Twitter can’t protect you from trolls any more, insiders say (BBC, 5 March)
  3. Toxic trolls 'left to thrive on Twitter under Elon Musk': Hateful and vile content - including disinformation and child sexual exploitation - remains a huge problem on social media app, insiders claim (Daily Mail, 6 March)


  1. Using Facebook Groups to Support Black Women and Wellness (Meta, 3 March)
  2. Facebook revamps controversial content moderation process for VIPs (CNN, 3 March)
  3. Paid Accounts on Facebook and Instagram Arrive in Australia (NYT, 3 March)

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