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Docket+ 6 March

Docket+ is a weekly roundup of the latest influence operations-related academic research, events and job opportunities.
Docket+ 6 March
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Hi! I'm Victoria and welcome to DisinfoDocket. Docket+ is a weekly roundup of the latest influence operations-related academic research, events and job opportunities.

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Good morning! Don't miss -
* A parallel terrain: Public-private defense of the Ukrainian information environment
* Strategic Communications and COVID-19: Exploring and Exploiting a Global Crisis
* New Reporting Tools to Archive Videos, Find QAnon Networks, and Track Targets via Online Reviews


  1. Five Ways Not to Keep Kids Safe Online (RStreet, 22 February)
  2. Technochauvinism and Online Extremism (GNET, 24 February)
  3. Shielding Democracy: Civil Society Adaptions to Kremlin Disinformation about Ukraine (NED, 22 February)

1. Academia & Research

1.1 Platforms & Technology

  1. Nature's Take: How Twitter's changes could affect science (Nature, 27 February)
  2. The Future of Human Agency (Pew Research Center, 24 February)
  3. The challenge of platform capture: This is part of a series on platforms and the press published jointly by CJR and the UCLA Institute for Technology, Law & Policy. (Columbia Journalism Review, 27 February)
  4. ChatGPT – Friend or foe? (Oxford Internet Institute, 28 February)
  5. Examining accuracy-prompt efficacy in combination with using colored borders to differentiate news and social content online (PsyArXiv, 27 February)
  6. Social Media Repertoires: Investigating Multifaceted Social Media Use Among Late Adolescents (Journal QD, 23 February)

Information Spread

  1. Towards a general model of fake news belief and sharing (PsyArXiv, 28 February)

1.2 World News

  1. PRC spy balloon reveals new arena of strategic competition (CNA, February)
  2. Conserving complexity: A complex systems paradigm and framework to study public relations’ contribution to grand challenges (Science Direct, June 2023)
  3. This city council member does not exist: Inauthentic social media accounts with artificially generated faces are a dime a dozen these days, but not all of them claim to be local elected officials (Conspirator Norteño, 6 March)

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