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DisinfoDocket 5 December

DisinfoDocket 5 December
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Good morning! Below the paywall this morning -
* All weekend's developpments at Twitter including fears of rising levels of anti-semitism on the platform
* Chinese protestors embrace low tech strategies to try to evade government censors
* Spam on WhatsApp ahead of India's elections
* And lots more!
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WATCH: Informed - Conversations on democracy in the digital age (Knight Foundation, 28-30 November)
  1. From quitting to blocking: How to protect yourself on Musk’s Twitter: Here’s everything you can do now to secure your personal information (Washington Post, 1 December)
  2. Trump’s call for suspending the Constitution is too dangerous to ignore (Washington Post, 4 December)
  3. Factchecking organisation wins prestigious British Academy award: Full Fact receives president’s medal 2022 for exposing and countering misinformation in news and political campaigns (Guardian, 4 December)
  4. To Eliminate Violence Against Women, We Must Take the Fight to Online Spaces (CIGI, 28 November)
  5. Musk reopens door for Covid disinfo, Chinese trolls blame US for unrest and NZ couple reject blood from vaccinated donors (Coda Story, 2 December)
  6. “We’re going to kill you all”: Facebook fails to detect death threats against election workers in the U.S., while Youtube and TikTok succeed (Global Witness & NYU C4D, December)
Facebook failed to block ads containing death threats to election workers (The Hill, 1 December)

1. Platforms & Technology

  1. Who's responsible when recommendations kill? With a critical Supreme Court battle looming, the platforms mount their defense (Platformer, 2 December)
  2. Social Networks Are Going Much, Much Smaller (Slate, 30 November)
  3. Google Threat Analysis Bulletin Q4 2022: This bulletin includes coordinated influence operation campaigns terminated on our platforms in Q4 2022. (Google, 1 December)
  4. Amazon won't take down antisemitic film tweeted by Kyrie Irving, CEO says (AXIOS, 2 December)
  5. Twitch's new 'Shield Mode' is a one-button anti-harassment tool for streamers (Engadget, 30 November)


Twitter Alternatives

  1. Mastodon and Hive Social are hailed as Twitter’s successors. But where are the users? (Fortune, 2 December)

Corporate Governance

  1. Elon Musk Has Reached the Limit of Things He Can Do Without Consequences: The limit’s name is Apple. (Slate, 1 December)
  2. The Redpilling of Elon Musk Isn’t Funny (Slate, 1 December)
  3. Twitter's World Cup ad revenue is reportedly way down (Mashable, 3 December)

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