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Docket+ 22 April

Docket+ is a weekly roundup of the latest influence operations-related academic research, events and job opportunities.
Docket+ 22 April
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Hi! I'm Victoria and welcome to DisinfoDocket. Docket+ is a weekly roundup of the latest influence operations-related academic research, events and job opportunities.

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Edelman is establishing a new Counter-Disinformation Unit (CDU) to provide deeper expertise in this growing area of reputational risk. They are currently recruiting for a Head of EMEA Counter Disinformation, based in London.


Jake Shapiro on LinkedIn: Threats and Harassment Dataset
Princeton's Bridging Divides Initiative (BDI) has released the first public dataset capturing threats and harassment directed at local officials in the United…
  1. Adaptive link dynamics drive online hate networks and their mainstream influence (Nature, 17 April)
  2. Softening online extremes using network engineering (IEEE, 15 April)
  3. The Word Censorship Has An Actual Meaning: A Defense of Content Moderation (Tech Policy Press, 16 April)
  4. Better Protection for Freelancers Facing Online Violence (IWMF, April)
LISTEN: Trust & Safety & Integrity & Governance - A conversation with professor Kate Klonick about online governance, the tech cases at the Supreme Court and why the golden age of tech accountability might be over (Anchor Change, 18 April)

1. Academia & Research

1.1 Platforms & Technology

  1. Addictive Technologies Conference Tackles Social Media’s Impact On Children, Online Safety (Tech Policy Press, 16 April)
  2. It's complicated: moderating nudity online (Everything in Moderation, 15 April)
  3. New status report on researcher data access (European Centre for Algorithmic Transparency, 15 April)
  4. We Need To Rewild The Internet (Noēma, 16 April)
  5. Who Are the Targets of Deepfakes? Evidence From Flagged Videos on Tiktok and Youtube (SSRN, 15 April)
  6. Do large language models have a legal duty to tell the truth? (SSRN, 15 April)
  7. Measuring trends in AI (Stanford University, April)
LISTEN: The Societal Impacts of Foundation Models, and Access to Data for Researchers (Tech Policy Press, 14 April)

1.2 World News 

  1. The geography of corporate fake news (Plos One, 17 April)
  2. These spambots would like to thank you for sharing this article (Conspirator Norteño, 20 April)
  3. Why we believe: The psychology, reality and future of the disinformation crisis (PEN America, 19 April)
  4. Germany Funded Chinese Defense Research Tracker (Databyss)

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