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Docket+ 27 November

Docket+ is a weekly roundup of the latest influence operations-related academic research, events and job opportunities.
Docket+ 27 November
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Hi! I'm Victoria and welcome to DisinfoDocket. Docket+ is a weekly roundup of the latest influence operations-related academic research, events and job opportunities.

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Say No to Disinfo are building the world’s first and most complete online living database to counter disinformation. It will aggregate, categorise, curate and extract key information from empirical studies on interventions to counter mis/disinformation. They are looking for experiments and field data from counter disinformation interventions (including intervention design, methodology, participant demographics and results) to incorporate into the database and request academics/campaigners to share any resources they think would be relevant to sahil@saynotodisinfo.com and/or ari@saynotodisinfo.com


  1. The laws of division: physicists probe into the polarization of political opinions (Physics World, 21 November)
  2. Trust in public health institutions moderates the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccine discussion groups on Facebook (T&F, 20 November)
  3. Operational Reporting in Practice: The EU’s Code of Practice on Disinformation (CEIP, 21 November)
  4. Exposure to social bots amplifies perceptual biases and regulation propensity (Nature, 24 November)
  5. The role of foreign influencers in China’s propaganda system (ASPI, 24 November)

1. Academia & Research

1.1 Platforms & Technology

  1. An Analysis of Socialbots Activity and Influence in Modern Japanese Social Media (ArXiv, 22 November)
  2. Can Large Language Models Understand Content and Propagation for Misinformation Detection: An Empirical Study (ArXiv, 21 November)

1.2 World News 

  1. Nontransparent network of pro-opposition Polish Facebook pages coordinates its attacks (DFRLab, 20 November)
  2. Meaningful disinformation: Narrative rituals and affective folktales (Sage, 22 November)
  3. Social media trolls as faux third-party agents of image repair: China’s disinformation campaign and statecraft in the Daryl Morey affair (T&F, 22 November)

Russia & Ukraine

  1. Local elections in Moldova: new votes, old disinformation narratives (EUvsDisinfo, 17 November)
  2. Something dark hiding behind the ads (EUvsDisinfo, 20 November)
  3. Weaponising weapons deliveries (EUvsDisinfo, 22 November)

Israel & Palestine

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