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DisinfoDocket 2 August

DisinfoDocket curates influence operations-related academic research, news, events and job opportunities.
DisinfoDocket 2 August
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Good morning! Below the paywall this morning -
* How AI May Be Used to Create Custom Disinformation Ahead of 2024
* Russia Takes Its Ukraine Information War Into Video Game
* How Meta Created a Wild West for Abortion Misinformation...


  1. Twitter Sues Nonprofit That Tracks Hate Speech (The New York Times, 31 July)
  2. As Zimbabwe elections near, China is the dragon in the room (Coda Story, 1 August)
  3. EU sanctions individuals, organizations connected to Russian disinformation network (The Record by Recorded Future, 31 July)
  4. Meta Offers to Seek Consent for Highly Personalized Ads in Europe (The Wall Street Journal, 1 August)

1. Academia & Research

  1. Speech in the Machine: Generative AI's Implications for Free Expression (PEN America, 31 July)
  2. Human microbiome myths and misconceptions (Nature.com, 31 July)
  3. How Likes and Retweets Impacted Our Patients During the COVID-19 Pandemic (Science Direct, 1 August)

2. Platforms & Technology

  1. Italian watchdog OKs Google's commitments to end data case (Reuters, 31 July)
  2. Meta, Google hiring in China despite security concerns (Financial Review, 31 July)
  3. Pro Take: Tech Executives Call for Critical Thinking to Counter Deepfakes, Disinformation (The Wall Street Journal, 28 July)


  1. Is The Demise Of X (Twitter) Inevitable? (Forbes, 1 August)
  2. WeChat: Why does Elon Musk want X to emulate China's everything-app? (BBC, 30 July)
  3. Elon Musk sues disinformation researchers, claiming they are driving away advertisers (NPR, 1 August)
  4. Brightly flashing 'X' sign removed from the San Francisco building that was Twitter's headquarters (AP News, 1 August)

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